6099640952 police charity scam

6099640952 Police charity scam

6099640952 Police charity scam is out making phone calls. Today’s scam call claimed to be calling “On Behalf” of the Association for Police Officers. When asked a few simple questions, the call turned quickly into yelling, complaining, and finally them hanging up. What questions were asked that would so offend someone calling on behalf of www.assocfpo.org ?

SCAM charity claiming to be in Brooklyn, NY raising money on behalf of the New Jersey Association of Police Officers. You will of course notice that the number on Caller ID is a New Jersey number, out of Trenton, NJ. Red flag warning there

Questions to ask every charity and telemarketer call you ever get

1. How did the charity get your name and number and why are the claling you? – ASK
2 . Ask for their Name, business address and telephone number
At this point, they will usually hang up and move onto better targets
3. Ask what percentage of the donation goes to the organization they claim to represent?
4. Ask how you can contact the actual charity to verify their story

6099640952 police charity scam

Beware of thieves in person, on the phone, online and in the mail

6099640952 Police charity scam

Are they even in New Jersey? f course not. That is just a faked Caller ID, which is very easy to do. With no real consequences. They claim to be working for a company in Brooklyn, NY, but good luck verifying that information. And it doesn’t answer the questions above – who are they, where are they, and how did they find your name and number. ¬†Many will lie outright and say YOU did something, but we know, it is just a purchased or scavanged list.


What do they want? If you give 6099640952 Police charity scam your information, they have your credit card, and off they go. With your money.

ALL BEFORE you donate
Then don’t donate to 6099640952 Police charity scam, any other charity telemarketing scam, phone call or letter. And alwasy go to Charity Navigator to look up legitimate charities to see if they report – don’t support any that do not. And how much goes to actual work, and not just staff salaries to raise more money. Because you learned by now it’s a telemarketing scam, 6099640952 Police charity scam, or any other.

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