Leaning left on rights

Left Wing Libertarian is dedicated to those people who’s political views are slightly more complicated then single issue, single column voters. Politics is a complex issue for each individual and we have over 318,000,000 individuals in the United States of America. It would be impossible for us to all agree on every single issue, and very difficult for everyone to generally agree on a single issue.

2014 US Census by age and sex

As our population ages, lives longer and experiences different events in their lives, the political landscape of our nation will change. Today we have children growing up in a world where they have been exposed to computers all their life. Their parents may or may not have had a home computer. Their grandparents might not own one now, or could be playing video games with the grand kids, talking smack. And their great grandparents are most likely still alive. All of those influences on politics are vastly different from 20 years ago.


We all as US Citizens, have certain rights, freedoms and liberties. Part of having those requires that we have responsibilities, exercise good judgment, common sense and concern for our fellow citizens. Well, you can already see where there will be conflicts. Political issues can be very emotionally heated. Civil discourse sometimes turns to yelling, slapping, punching and bruised eyes and egos. Keeping the discourse in check so that it remains discussion and not disorderly can be a challenge.