Ban flags or not? What flags are flying on YOUR property?

Ban flags or not?

Ban flags or not? is a question that has grown from the killing of 9 US Citizens in South Carolina, to grow in its intensity. If you respond, be sure to tell us all how large is that flagpole on your private property and what flags are YOU flying? Or are you just a loud mouthed hypocrite on Twitter or Facebook screaming about a flag you don’t even fly yourself?

Ban flags or not?

Ban flags or not? Confederate flags have always been a subject of debate in America. Just recently – and before the South Carolina killing of 9 people – the SState of Texas won a long Court battle to keep the COnfederate flag off of State issued vanity plates. The Courts agreed that license plates are State property, who only seve a purpose for the State to aide in identification and licensing. They may be tweaked with vanity messages, but their primary purpose is for the State, so not subject to the private Rights of the 1st Amendment, since it is government speech, not private speech.

Ban flags or not? What flags are flying on YOUR property?

I think it is time we addressed the issue of all State and Federal flags — they serve no purpose.
We do not rally around the banner of the dire wolf when attacking with Lord Stark
During the Civil War troops had different color uniforms, until they fell into tatters. The flag then was a visual symbol for rally points
It is an ancient tradition, that serves no purpose in the 21st Century
And it is used by many to support their ignorance

Just look at all the ignorance around the Pledge

But please, tell us the BENEFIT
Not how it makes you fell …

Between the flag and the Constitution, I value the Constitution much higher. Please, tell us, which means more you to?

And of course, let us know what flags are flying on YOUR private property.

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