Mickey Mouse and Minnie mouse sex in the next room

Seeping, warm tingling sensations

Is Foria all that they say it is? Or is it just lube with a leaf on the label, and that hype makes the sensation? In other words, is it just a placebo like s much other junk running through the sex industry? Or is the impact of the THC going to have an actual chemical and medical impact on your body chemistry and help increase the sensation?

A review of Foria by an average American couple.

Well, we can’t give you much of a review. It’s not available where we life. And I can’t drive there and bring it back with me. Right now you won’t know unless you are registered in California. And then you need to use it while still in California. Don’t bring it with you for that exciting Las Vegas weekend party.

Have you ever had a reaction to menthol based personal lubricants? If so, be wary of any personal lubricants that have “stuff” added to them. That slick, wet feeling can be very quickly replaced by a never ending feeling of hot working towards mild burning. That is the menthol. And once Foria reaches more places to buy, you will need to remember if you ever had a bad moment with any thing else “infused” for your pleasure that ended up in a very exciting to remember evening with¬†someone fanning themselves while sitting on a block of ice.

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