I live next door to a drug dealer and grower

I know, wow what a statement to make in public. I live next door to a drug dealer, pot grower and small scale meth lab operation. Do I even blog about this? We have already crossed the bridge. I am willing to blog about this to encourage others to share in a modern day moral […]

war on drugs

Marijuana Probihition on Fox News – UPDATE

Bill O’Reilly decided to go along with the New York Times and the 92% in favor results from his own survey. Bill O’Reilly calls for marijuana home use to be legal If you go outside with a joint, pay a fine If you sell marijuana, go to jail Um, Bill, how to people get the […]

Please vote against Prohibition on Fox News

Fox News and Bill O’Reilly are running a simple poll on the legalization of marijuana. Please take a moment and go vore your opinion on this quick A or B survey HERE The latest results as I write this quick blog update are 75% in favor. Bill missed an excellent opportunity to ask the following […]