Jim Skamarakas



Jim is a hard core life long member of the Republican Party. That is why he is the Editor of Left Wing Libertarian. Because politics is not about parties. It is about PEOPLE.

  • Retired US Navy and Microsoft
  • Degrees in Accounting, Computer Science, Finance and Psychology
  • Certified Accountant
  • 12 years as an EMT
  • 20 years as an American Red Cross CPR Instructor
  • PADI Dive Master


Stance on Politics and the US Constitution

Pro 1st Amendment; You have the right to speak and you can sometimes say a lot with your silence.

Pro 2nd Amendment; If you don’t want to carry one, you don’t have to. But you have the right to own and carry one.

Pro abortion; I never had one, so its really none of my business anyway. And that’s a very Libertarian attitude on that topic.

Pro business; People need to get out, get  a job and work hard for their money.

Pro Social Security; Not everyone has the ways or means to plan for the rest of their unknown length of existence. And the world is full of scumbags who would take advantage of them. What ever the program name is called, a safety net to help those in need us a benefit to society a a whole.

Pro marijuana; I don’t smoke it, and its wrong to criminalize a plant that everyone can grow in their backyard. Common sense will say that if your against this, then you should also be against tobacco and alcohol sales, distribution and consumption.

Pro politics that actually works; It’s not very Libertarian to say we should protect people from themselves, and I don’t say that. We do as Citizens have a right to stop the bad people who have done bad things to other people and property.

Anarchy will never work, because it descends into dictatorships by power, force and violence. That is the reality of some hard core Libertarian thinking. They don’t extrapolate a micro political situation out to a Federal scale. What works in your commune of 20 people might not actually work in a society of 318,000,00 or 7,000,000,000.

  • Service guarantees citizenship