Thank you Bernie

Thank you Bernie

Bernie, thank you for getting people involved in the 2016 election process.
If Bernie got you to register to vote –
If Bernie got you to attend a caucus, rally or primary –
If Bernie got you to go pay attention to politics –
Then it was all of benefit and value to you and to our country.
But Bernie has stepped aside. And your energy and efforts need to continue. Take a moment, decide where you stand on issues, and which issues are important to YOU. And then go forward with the best candidate for YOU.
Don’t vote red or blue – vote issues.
Don’t vote parties – vote people who you want to see in office

Thank you Bernie

Say thank you for all his efforts by continuing to learn about the issues, talk, share on social media, put up signs, donate. But most importantly – GO VOTE

Green party –

Libertarian Party –

Democrat –

I suggest you check out and find out for yourself which issues and important to YOU, and vote the best candidate.

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