10 reasons to end the War on People, err, War on Drugs


The War on Drugs is a War on People. And it is long time for it to end. Buzzfeed does a nice rundown on the issues we should all known by now. All across America, US CItizens in poll after poll want cannabis decriminalized and prohibition to end. The people who benefit from it being illegal do not; and don’t care what Americans know is the right thing to do for our society.

War on Drugs benefits who?

  1. Police employees – they get work from it, asset forfeiture profits and federal grants for going after it. More drug arrests, mo money mo money mo money
  2. Lawyers – they get money to fight the charges, and make money as prosecutors and judges over drug cases
  3. Politicians – the War on Drugs, I mean, the War on People, helps to divide our nation, and division allows for easier reelections instead of focusing on real issues for all US Citizens
  4. Prisons – prisons are job mills for both civil servants and their unions, and private prisons and their owners. Both of which donate to the Politicians with YOUR direct and inderct tax dollars,. Yes, YOU are paying for the lobbying efforts to keep the War on Drugs going strong
  5. Pharmaceutical companies – there is no money in home grown remedies, but big bucks in little pills in bottles from “authorized” manufacturers
  6. Budweiser – yep, beer. Cannabis is a competitor to beer, and far safer than beer. Keep the enemy distracted on other things and beer keeps on flowing
  7. Wine – same as beer, keep the competition out of the playing field
  8. Liquor – yep, them too. It is a great profit in beer, wine and liquor. Why share it with some home grown solution?\
  9. Religious nuts – yep, those god people once again sticking their nose in your business. Why can’t they put their time into actually helping people instead of trying to lock people up in cages for not doing things they way they want?

The War on Drugs is a War on People. And it needs to end.

war on drugs

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